1971 Archie Browning 2

Archie Browning
Box player  -  1971

had his lacrosse schooling in New Westminster, British Columbia, and played senior in both Western and Eastern leagues. He played eight seasons in Victoria and retired there. His awards were many, ranging from 1945 Western Rookie of the Year to 1950 Eastern Most Valuable Player. He played in seven Mann Cup finals and was victorious twice. After a brilliant playing career, Archie remained active in minor lacrosse in Victoria. During his senior career, he scored 8'6 points in the West and '14 for Brampton, Ontario, in the East, setting his lifetime total at 7'4 goals and '16 assists for 1,040 points. He registered 96 hat tricks in the West, the fourth highest ever, one of them a nine-goal effort in one game