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Bill Wallace
Builder  -  2004

Bill Wallace was one of those enthusiastic people who helped to form a new area in which lacrosse would thrive.From 1952-‘55, Bill was first an assistant and then the General Manager, of the Long Branch Monarchs. In 1955, the Monarchs won the Minto Cup. After his tenure with the Juniors, Bill followed many of the over-age Juniors and from 1956-‘60, helped with a senior club in the area. This was culminated in 1960 when the Port Credit Sailors won the Mann Cup.He then returned to help the Long Branch Castrolites Junior team from 1961-‘64. During this time, he became President of the O.L.A. in 1963 and served a one year term. In 1965, he again helped with the Port Credit Sailors. Along with his old time buddy, Morley Kells, "Whiz" helped create a senior team known as the Toronto Maple Leafs from 1966-‘69. In 1970, he was a member on the Board of Governors of the Lakeshore Maple Leafs winning the Minto Cup that year. Many of those players, along with Morley and Whiz, moved to the Brantford area from 1971-‘73. This team won a Mann Cup in 1971.In 1974-‘75, Bill was the manager of the title champions Rochester Griffins of the NLL.Bill retired from lacrosse after all those years but remains involved with the Oldtimers in Brampton. In 2003, Bill received the Golden Jubilee Medal for 50 years of Community Service.