2005 Clinton Mick Magee

Clint Mick Magee
Veteran  -  2005

Clinton "Mick" Magee began his playing career in 1932 with the Peterborough Auburns in the City League. In 1936 he played for Oshawa in the Senior Ontario Lacrosse League.  FOr the next two years he played at the Senior "B" Level out of Peterborough and then played for the Hamilton Tigers from 1939-1942. In 1945 he played for the Brampton Excelsiors for one year and then returned to play for Peterborough from 1946 until 1954.  From 1951-1954 he helped the Peterborough Timbermen of Trailermen win four Mann Cups.Magee played with such greats as Bill Isaacs, Ike Hildebrand and Norm Gair and against players like Piper Bain, Joe Murphy and George "Mush" Thompson.