1969 George Feeney

George Feeney
Field Player  - 1969

George Feeney played senior lacrosse with the New Westminster Salmonbellies from 1914 to 1916. 

Upon his return from overseas he played two years of senior amateur lacrosse, five years professional, before returning to the amateur ranks to lead the Salmonbellies to the Mann Cup in 19'7. 

George played one season of box lacrosse in 19'' then retired due to an arm injury. 

He also achieved fame while playing with the Army Team in Europe during World War I and when he returned to Europe in 19'8 with the Olympic team, he was wildly cheered wherever they played. 

However, due to his previous stint as a pro, he could not participate in the Olympic series. 

His brother Pat (1966) is also a Hall of Famer.