1974 Jack Bionda

Jack Bionda
Box player  -  1974

Jack Bionda was without a doubt one of the most colourful players ever to pick up a lacrosse stick.

He was big, tough, and had great anticipation. He won the scoring title every year he played a full season. 

A perennial all-star, he won the MVP three times and scored a total of 1,''5 points in '40 games.

Many experts rate him as the greatest box player in history. He appeared in five Mann Cup championships, winning three times. 

He has won many trophies, including the Commission Trophy in 1959, the Max McDonald in 1955, and the Mike ​Kelley medal for the Mann Cup MVP in 1959 and 196'.

He also played professional hockey for over twelve years including three years in the N.H.L.