2012 Mike Gray

Mike Gray
Builder -  2012

Mike Gray's lacrosse journey began as a Brooklin youth lacrosse player in the 1950's until his retirement from the Brooklin Redmen Sr. A team in 1971. 

Gray won the 1963 Minto Cup with the Oshawa Green Gaels and the 1968 and 1969 Mann Cups with Brooklin. 

He traded in his lacrosse gear for a clipboard and whistle to become the GM and coach of the 1972 Brooklin Senior Lacrosse Team.  

In 1976, Gray started the Brooklin Redmen Major Senior Lacrosse team taking on the General Manager role until 1987.  In his tenure, the Redmen were bronze medalists in the Nations's in 1980 World Box Lacrosse Championships, Mann Cup champ in 1985 and Mann Cup finalists in 1986. 

Mike held the Ontario Senior Lacrosse (OLA) Major Commissioner position from 1987-1994, then returned to Brooklin in the early 90's as President and served various roles as Alumni President, broadcaster, Team Manager and General Manager until 2001.  

After winning the 2000 Mann Cup, Mike managed the Brooklin Merchants Senior B teams (2002-2004). 

Gray was inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Team Category with the Oshawa Green Gaels and Brooklin Redmen teams.