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Peterborough 1951 - 1956
Team  -  2002

Peterborough, 1951 to 1954, dominated Canadian Lacrosse, taking part in six consecutive Mann Cup finals, winning four straight titles (1951-1954) - a feat no other team in box lacrosse history has matched,The dynasty operating under the names "Timberman" and "Trailermen" attracted an incredible number of superstars, 14 of whom were later inducted into the Hall of Fame: Don Ashbee, Arnie Dugan, Harry Wipper, Jack "Curly" Mason, Lloyrd "Moon" Wooten, Bog Thorpe, Lou Nickle, Ross Powless, Ike Hildebrand, Roger Smith, Russ Slater, Jerry Fitzgerald, and a junior call-up named Paul Parnell.