1973 Reg Pop Phillips

R Pop Phillips
Builder  -  1973

Pop Phillips was one of the founders of box lacrosse in British Columbia.Born on August '', 1895 in Birmingham, England, he came to Vancouver in 19'0 where he organized the first soccer team in the Renfrew district. In 19'', he introduced box lacrosse to B.C. and devoted the next '0 years of his life to the game of lacrosse. "Pop" served in various capacities during his career, such as manager, coach, trainer, and sponsor, but his moment of glory came in 1954 when the Junior team of which he was president won the Minto Cup.When he wasn't working with the juvenile teams, he found time to serve as president of the Vancouver Lacrosse Association, registrar for the British Columbia Lacrosse Association and executive of the Richmond and Indian Senior Clubs.