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Rey Comeault 
Builder - 2022

With over a quarter of a century of commitment, Reynold Comeault is well known as a builder and a mainstay of both box and field lacrosse in British Columbia.  He has been involved at all levels of lacrosse from minor lacrosse in Maple Ridge up to the Senior level (including two WLA championship teams – 2016 and 2018).  

Rey’s efforts to help promote and grow the game are unparalleled.  Among his major contributions are: BC Regional Coach 2008-2010; Team BC Field Lacrosse Coordinator (2010-2020) - a role of overseeing all Men’s and Women’s Field Lacrosse teams. With a vision of  build, grow and expand - under Rey’s leadership - BC Field Lacrosse has grown from 3 to 10 age-appropriate teams. 

The Team BC Field program has become hugely successful creating opportunities for countless young student athletes to train and develop. Led by Rey and his supporters, more than 260 young men and women student athletes from British Columbia have received university scholarships across the United States and Canada.  

As an individual, Rey Comeault has always been the epitome of a genuine professional employing his passion and commitment to organize and adapt to whatever was required for success.