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Robert Matte
Builder - Class of 2023

Immediately after his junior career (1971) Robert Matte's abilities to analyze situations and to plan accordingly led him to become "goaltender consultant and coach" to the Quebec Provincial Junior and Intermediate Teams involved in the 1973-1977-1981 and 1985 Canada Games. He was directly responsible for the betterment of the goaltending position and the improvement of Quebec's performances at the Canada Games; from an 8th position in 1973 Quebec went up to a silver medal in 1977, a gold medal in 1981 and a bronze medal in 1985.

During his lengthy coaching career Robert collected and assessed statistics on everything related to lacrosse as he believed that every strategic game plan had to rest upon verifiable facts and data. His "Team playbook" is the best example of his thoroughness as an analyst and his of talents as a teacher.

Throughout his career as a builder (coach, mentor, analyst) Robert had the opportunity to deliver countless lacrosse clinics and seminars and to produce informative papers, documents, and manuals on lacrosse. 

As a collegiate student, from 1968 to 1970, he wrote articles on lacrosse in the school's weekly newspaper (Brebeuf College). As a university student (Universite du Quebec a Montreal/UQAM), in 1973 and 1974, he wrote lacrosse papers on conditioning, fitness and team strategic preparation.  As volunteer technician for the Quebec Lacrosse Federation, in 1977 and 1981, he wrote manuals on goaltending for both box lacrosse and inter crosse; he also produced a highly detailed technical document on the organization of a lacrosse team involved in high level competition.

Between 2001 and 2004, as a coach for the Quebec and Canadian Senior Inter Crosse Teams involved internationally, he produced a "Game book" which lays out his philosophical beliefs and detailed patterns and plays for high level competition.  In 2004 he wrote a detailed document explaining the need for "the best possible organization" in order to achieve successes in lacrosse at a high level of competition.

As a member of the Canadian Lacrosse Association's Technical Committee, under the leadership of Hall of Famer Bill McBain, he produced, in 2004, the Association's manual (Community Sport) on the theory and technical components of inter crosse for the National Certification Program/Community component.

As a member of the International Inter Crosse Federation's technical committee he wrote, in 2003, the Inter Crosse rule book (in English). 

The development of the game of lacrosse in the Province of Quebec, between 1968 and 2016 is largely indebted to the administrative and organizational skills of Robert Matte. From 1973 to 1980 he was a member of the Quebec Lacrosse Federation's Technical Committee which drafted rules, bylaws, procedures, technical manuals and principles of ethics and philosophy for the game. The Technical Committee, under his dedicated leadership, was the backbone of the positive development of the game in Quebec. Everything flowed through this committee of which Robert was the driving force.

In 1973 he created the Montreal Lacrosse Association and was the Association's president for 8 years. He introduced the game within the City of Montreal's Sport Department and ensured that budgets and technical resources were allocated to lacrosse to support the development of the game within 7 of the 25 arenas of the city.