Ron Winterbottom Snr BW

Ron Winterbottom Sr
Builder -  2013

This true lacrosse, Ron Winterbottom Sr,  builder has volunteered for 60-plus years in the St. Catharines region.Ron Winterbottom assisted in the development of lacrosse at all levels in Port Dalhousie and St. Catharines in the mid-1950’s. He wore many hats growing lacrosse as a player, coach, official, manager and administrator. Winterbottom coached youth lacrosse in Port Dalhousie from 1950-1965 and at the same time officiated in St. Catharines up to 1969.He was a catalyst in the rebuild of the St. Catharines Lions Lacrosse Bowl, and a member of the steering committee that planned, fund raised and built the Burgoyne Arena.Ron was also active in other community sports including hockey, softball, soccer, boxing and rowing. This Honourary Member of the St. Catharines Old Boys Lacrosse Association, has served for the Old Boys in various positions since 1963 – he’s still active today raising funds and managing social events.In 1999, Winterbottom was inducted into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum as a builder and represented the Old Boys at the induction of the 1938 St. Catharines Athletics Mann Cup Champion team that was inducted in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2005.