2011 Victoria Royal Waxmen SeaSprays 1980 1998

Royal Waxmen - SeaSprays
Team  -  2011

Victoria Royal Waxmen/Seasprays 1980-98 ruled the field lacrosse pitch for nearly two decades.

In 1980,  the squad was built to compete in a five-team league formed to promote the sport and prepare western  players for a shot at making Canada's National Team for the 1982 world championships. The original coach was Chris Hall and included converted box stars such as Kevin Alexander, Ron McNeil, Larry Bell and Art Webster amongst others.The project was a success as the club placed eight players on the 1982 national team. The Waxmen/Seasprays won numerous BC Provincial championships (17 titles); Canadian National Ross Cups (11 titles), the Western States Tournament (7 titles); and the  North American Brogden Cup championship on three occasions. The team won 142 games while only losing 4 through 1988. Along the way, there were seven undefeated seasons, a string of 75 straight wins, and numerous US college scholarships earned.The Waxmen/Seasprays produced some incredible talents over the decades including lacrosse legends Tom Marechek and Paul and Gary Gait  who starred for Syracuse of the NCAA.