2001 Team Canada Field 1978

Team Canada - Field 1978
Team  -  2001

The Team was:
Goal: Bob Flintoff, Tim Barrie

Defense: Sandy Lynch, Carm Collins, Tom Briscoe, Brian Jones, Jim Branton, Murray Cawker.Midfield: Mike French, Fred Greenwood, Pat Differ, John Mouradian, Jim Calder, Ted Greves, Dave Huntly, Dan Wilson, Stevee Mastine

Attack: Stan Cockerton, Dave Durante, Doug Hayes, Jim Wasson, Bob Burke, John GrantCoaches: Bob Allan, Don Barrie, John McCauleyManager: Ron Wicks 

After a 28-4 loss to the U.S. in round robin play, Team Canada engineered one of the greatest upsets in sports history by beating the heavily favoured Americans 17-16 in double overtime to capture the world title.

Canada surprised the U.S and leat 8-4 after the first quarter.  With seconds left on the clock Stan Cockerton scored to tie the game at 16. 

The winning goal overtime was ​also shown the inside of the net by Cockerton only 20 seconds into the second overtime to the delight of the fans in Stockport, England.

Not only honoured with the gold, Stan Cockerton led the tourney with 18 goals and 9 assists.  

Mike French with 6 goals and 15 assists was named the "Best and Fairest Player" and Bob Flintoff the "Best Goalkeeper"