2005 Ted Higgins

Ted Higgins
Builder  -  2005

Ted Higgins took over the Major Series Lakers Club in 1975 as owner and president until 1978, another year in which the Lakers captured the Mann Cup.Leaving the sport for personal reasons, Ted Higgins never lost his love for lacrosse. In 1994 when the Lakers Lacrosse Club looked as if it would fold, he and a number of local lacrosse enthusiasts came back to help save the team. For all of his time and effort, Ted was justly rewarded as Peterborough won their first Mann Cup in the last twenty years in 2004. In 1998, Ted was inducted into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame for his continuing love and dedication to the sport of lacrosse. As a mainstay through the good, bad and rejuvenation, Ted Higgins is committed to the game he so dearly loves.His genuine enthusiasm rubs off on people around him through his constant dedication, optimism and efforts to give 100 percent of Peterborough, Ont. For more than four decades, Ted Higgins has been a mainstay for Peterborough lacrosse in Ontario. Although he is being inducted as a builder, Ted did manage to spend time learning the game as a player.As a youngster, the small, stocky and solid Higgins fit in extremely well with a game demanding spunk and versatility. He started as a forward but later turned to goaltending. In 1961, he helped the Hastings Junior A's to a Minto Cup Championship. For the next few years he played in the Major Series for the Brooklin Redmen and the Peterborough Speedy Erns.He took on a management role with the Peterborough Senior “A” Lakers in 1964-65 and became a Director with the team in 1966, a year Peterborough captured the Mann Cup. He served with the Lakers until 1968 when he left to coach the 1969-70 edition of the Peterborough Junior “A” PCO’s.Although he only coached one season, the winning combination continued as Peterborough captured the Minto Cup in 1972, with Ted serving in several capacities with the team until 1978.